panini roll in pre-cut on the side7-inch french panini roll sandwich Bahn Mitop view of panini roll in pre-cutsliced panini roll in pre-cut

7-inch french panini roll

  • Unit weight 105g - 3.70oz
  • Reference number 52379
  • Case 60 units
  • Pallet 45 Cases
  • Clean labelClean label
  • PareveMK325PareveMK325
  • ParbakedParbaked

Prepare this pre-sliced panini roll with any fillings. With a thin crispy crust, a soft crumb and a very neutral taste, this sandwich carrier will hold perfectly any filling.

  • Thin crispy crust and moist crumb
  • Mild neutral taste
  • Perfect size for all sandwiches
  • Thawing

    15 MIN at 20°C (68°F)

  • Baking

    10-12 MIN at 190°C (374°F)

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