About us

Since 1984, Bridor creates and manufactures high quality European bakery products adapted to the North American market. Bridor is part of the global groupe LeDuff.

Creators of bakery products

Thanks to our expertise and state-of-the-art technology, Bridor is a North American leader in manufacturing high quality and innovative breads and pastries. Our wide range of bakery products is easy to use and meets the highest industry standards. Bridor is part of the global Groupe Le Duff.

Our three plants located in North America provide a production capacity to our customers' full demand. We continue to invest in our plants to support both Bridor and our customers' growth.

The professionals' bakery The professionals' bakery The professionals' bakery

That's Bridor's mission


Together, let's share bakery's best talents and cultures, bringing to every table the finest products over more than 100 countries all around the world.


Our values

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    At Bridor, the value of partnership is lived by all. Our employees work closely with each other, with our suppliers and our customers to transform this partnership into value creation and lasting relationships. It is through this exceptional partnership that we continually contribute to our clients' business development and long-term success.

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    For us, quality is the creation of a product that surpasses the expectations of our customers. Quality is expressed in the innovative and creative solutions that our teams offer. It expresses in the passion of a job well done and it is felt by all our consumers who taste our products and adopt them immediately. Working with the Bridor team means living excellence every day.

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    At Bridor, we know how to deal with unforeseen events and bring synergies to the customer. Our capacity for adaptation, initiative, accountability, and rapid execution allows us to stand out.

Our Vision

Our vision is based on a "product" policy oriented towards quality, taste, nutrition and well-being in a social, environmental and economic dimension. This approach makes it possible to envision a healthy and sustainable future for stakeholders, employees, future generations and the company.

    Au Pain Doré EN

    Au pain doré

    Au Pain Doré EN

    At Bridor, we give consumers the chance to enjoy an artisanal baking experience right in the grocery store thanks to the Au Pain Doré breads and pastries that we make in our facilities and sell at certain retail outlets.

    At Au Pain Doré, we believe that a baked good made with unbleached wheat flour, no artificial preservatives or colors adds a little something extra.

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