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We offer a wide variety of breads to meet the needs of all professionals and their customers. Our breads are made with the finest ingredients.

Bridor’s difference


    Our breads have a thin crust, soft crumb and uniform appearance.


    Our breads have a crisp crust and honeycomb crumb! They are distinguished by a signature taste from the fermented dough.

Il perfetto
REF. 52333
Il perfetto on the side sliced il perfetto sandwich

Il perfetto

128g - 4.52 ozParbaked
French loaf
french loaf on the side slices of french loaf in sandwich

French loaf

625g - 22.05 ozBaked
French roll
REF. 6379
top view of french roll top view of three french rolls

French roll

40g - 1.41 ozParbaked