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Cranberry baguettine

  • Unit weight 110g - 3.88oz
  • Reference number 60BGCR
  • Case 72 units
  • Pallet 30 Cases
  • Clean labelClean label
  • Pas-PareveMK820Pas-PareveMK820
  • BakedBaked

With its generous quantity of dried cranberries, this baguettine is a beautiful and tasty choice for sandwiches! This artisan-style bread has a crispy crust and a moist airy crumb to which the cranberries bring a little sweet taste. It will bring variety to your sandwich creations.

  • Tasty and fruity thanks to a generous amount of cranberries
  • Crispy crust and moist airy crumb
  • Great sandwich carrier
  • Thawing


  • Baking

    4-5 MIN at 205°C (401°F)

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