RCRL64 Curved croissant large angleRCRL 64 curved croissant large lifestyleRCRL64 curved croissant large top

Curved croissant - Large

  • Unit weight 85g - 3.00oz
  • Reference number RCRL-64
  • Case 64 units
  • Pallet 80 Cases
  • Clean labelClean label
  • Pure butterPure butter
  • Ready to bakeReady to bake
  • MK-Dairy

This large croissant is ideal for creating delectable sandwiches. Its combination of crisp and soft textures, along with its rich buttery flavor, complements both sweet and savory ingredients flawlessly.

  • Pure butter recipe
  • Made with top quality flours
  • Perfect for sandwiches
  • Thawing

    25-35 min at 20°C

  • Baking

    13-15 min at 188°C (371°F)

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