Tomato and olive bistro

  • Unit weight 110g - 3.88oz
  • Reference number 52399
  • Case 36 units
  • Pallet 105 Cases
  • Clean labelClean label
  • Cage-free eggsCage-free eggs
  • Pure butterPure butter
  • Ready to bakeReady to bake

Best served warm but also delicious at room temperature, this savory is a quick meal solution while being combined with a soup or salad!

  • Flacy and buttery crust with tomatoes and olives
  • Delicious snack or meal on the go
  • Less than 350 calories per portion
  • Thawing

    55-65 MIN at 20°C (68°F)

  • Baking

    19-23 MIN at 177°C (351°F)

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