The protection of our environments


Our achievements

Continuous optimization and improvement are key for the reduction of our waste and energy consumption. The implementation of efficient monitoring and management systems are necessary to give 3RV-E concept and our reduction our GHG and water consumption a whole new meaning.

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    Focus on a zero-waste approach

    Large scale recycling of our packaging waste. 100% of our organic bakery waste is reused in animal feed production. Constant reduction and optimization of product packaging. Continued progress towards becoming a paperless factory.

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    Constant reduction of water and energy consumption

    75% of all lights in our factories are converted to LED. Systems to measure the water usage and reduce the wastewater. Investments in water-efficient technologies. Employee awareness and mobilization.

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    Paving the way to becoming a carbon neutral company

    Optimization of transportation vehicles, truck loads and routes. Company parking lots with free charging stations for electric cars.

Our commitments

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    We aim at implementing the circular economy model as one of our main corporate social responsibility principles.

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    In 2023, the 100% LED conversion will be completed in our North American factories.

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    Establishment of a strong program towards becoming a carbon neutral company.