The quality of our ingredients


Only the highest quality, carefully sourced ingredients are used in our products


We prioritize national sourcing of our butter and flour. We are proud of the environmental and social commitments of our main suppliers. We commit in a continued collaboration with them to implement responsible purchasing and procurement policies.

  • BRCGS certification guarantees a reliable and precise traceability of products as well as a food safety policy
  • 50 bread products are currently NON GMO project verified
  • We are constantly adding new products under these certifications
  • About 80% of our products are Kosher certified

Cage-free eggs

Animal welfare is a subject that appeals to consumers and a concern at the heart of Bridor North America's priorities.

Recognizing that it is possible to reconcile animal welfare with profitable manufacturing, Bridor is committed to having 100% of its egg supply chain come from cage-free hens by the end of 2025. This commitment is based on actions and efforts with our partners to ensure that the eggs used in our bakery products are rigorously selected and respectful of animal welfare.